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Boat Structural Inspections

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  • 30-07-2019
Boat Structural Inspections

Boat Structural Inspections refers to a survey undertaken by narrowboat and yacht owners that wish to understand the condition and performance of their boat. This inspection is done with your boat outside of the water and can take up to half a day. During the process, inspectors will employ specialised ultrasonic testing-equipment to check your boat's structural condition.

Other areas that are likely to be inspected include pit depths, corrosion, freeboard, stern gear and weed hatch. Those looking to purchase second-hand narrowboats are advised to consider this survey. For the reason that it helps you save on the expenses, you would otherwise incur over-plating your narrowboat.

How Often Should Your Boat Be Inspected?

Hull Only Survey

A hull-only survey is done outside the water, and it targets the structural integrity of your boat. The surveyor will also inspect how water-tight the hulls are, as well as look at the condition, functionalities of the stern gear and rudder. Other standard inspections include checking the state of the cathodic protection and investigation of the boat's propulsion, electrical system, sewage system, water services and its fuel efficiency.

In some cases, inspectors may request for a sea trial. In these cases, boats are inspected against its appearance in the water, general maintenance conditions, its mechanical integrity, along with other nautical aspects. In some cases where there are generally more areas to inspect, the inspection could last the entire day. The investigation is dependant on the number and sophistication of the parts.

There is a Pre-Purchase Condition-Survey Report that is issued after every inspection. The survey report details the condition of the boat on the day it was inspected, as opposed to the day the report is given.

Our Work

It is important to remember that our marine survey report only highlights the condition of the vessel in terms of its structural and mechanical integrity. Generally, the report details the state of somewhat visible elements of the ship, including but not limited to the machinery and service systems.

Before the inspection, some narrowboat owners may choose to shot blast or clean their hulls back to the original bare gel-coat, steel or wood. In such cases, it would be difficult to give an accurate report on the hull's surface. However, we will still inspect all the other visible areas of the hull and provide a report based on the condition of these areas.

What is covered in the survey?

The hull-only survey will not consider any part of the boat that remains covered, inaccessible or otherwise invisible to the surveyors. Some of these areas include beneath fixed cabin-soles and behind the linings. However, there is an exception for areas that are visible via accessible traps, locker lids and hatch covers.

It is also important to remember the survey primarily involves the visual inspection of machinery installations including but not limited to electrical and electronic equipment, gas fixtures and navigational aids. Last but not least, we do not inspect the mast or the rigging, unless when stepped, in which case we would inspect them only to the head height.

We follow two primary stages when drawing our estimates. We first assess the present market value of your vessel and adjust these values in a manner that they correspond with the condition of your boat at the time of inspection.

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