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What is a Pre-purchase Boat Survey?

The most comprehensive of boat surveys is a Pre-Purchase Survey, also known as a Full Condition Survey. A Pre-Purchase surveyor will look at as many aspects of the boat as possible. For example, they will look at the vessel's safety systems and structural integrity and any cosmetic details of the boat.

This type of survey is to identify any bad and good points of the vessel. In addition, it will give the surveyors client a good indication of any issues that need correcting and if the issues should be reflected in the cost of the boat. 


Do I need a survey when buying a boat?

It is recommended that you have a survey when purchasing a boat. It will ascertain the vessel's condition before you buy it. 


What should I expect from my boat survey?

Your surveyor will inspect the hull to check for water intrusion and soundness, electrical system, electronics, running gear, air conditioning and heating and any other items on the boat. In addition, the surveyor will conduct a  cursory review of the mechanical systems and engine. 


How long does a boat survey take?

A survey can take a few hours to a full day, depending on the boat's size and complexity and systems. If you want to run the boat, a sea trial will last between 30 and 60 minutes. 


How do I prepare for a boat survey?

The following points should be adhered to when preparing for a boat survey:

First, before the survey, you should haul the boat out so the surveyor can inspect the running gear and the hull. 

Power wash the bottom of the boat.

Make sure all the compartments and storage areas are emptied before the survey.

So the vessel's freeboard can be inspected, making sure there is adequate room around each side.

Access to shore power is not always necessary; however, ensuring the AC circuits are tested is required.

So any water infiltration or leaks can be detected, make sure you empty and sponge out the bilge. This is vital if a sea trial is required.

All documentation, paperwork and maintenance and engine logs should be made available. Access, including any keys, should be made available.


Do I need a boat survey to get insurance?

The older the boat (over twenty years), the more an insurance company will require regular surveys.  


Is there a blue book for boats?

There are no blue book values for boats unless the vessel is a personal watercraft.  


Boat valuations: how do you price a boat for sale?

There are different factors to consider when you are valuing your boat ready for selling. One way is to look at classified ads and compare similar boats and their condition to your own, or you could ask a boat surveyor to inspect your boat and get an approximate value off them.


What is the difference between GRP and FRP boats?

FRP stands for fibre-reinforced plastics and is a term usually used in North America.  GRP stands for glass-reinforced plastic and means the same thing as FRP. The term GRP is widely used in Europe and Asia. 


When would I require a Marine Valuation? 

The last thing anybody wants is a boat in poor condition out on the water. A marine survey will ascertain whether your boat meets all the correct safety criteria. It will help safeguard your crew and your passengers.  If you want to secure insurance or financing, you will require a qualifying marine survey.


How long does a marine survey take?

A marine survey can take anything from a  few hours to a full day, depending on the boat's size and complexity and systems. However, if you want to test the vessels' seaworthiness, a sea trial will usually last between 30 and 60 minutes. 


How often do I have to get a marine survey?

It depends mainly on the insurance company. Most companies recommend every three years; however, your insurance provider will be able to let you know their requirements. 


What is Ultrasonic Testing for boats?

Ultrasonic testing is a non-destructive test that utilises high-frequency sound waves to measure the condition and thickness of materials. Almost all materials can be tested using ultrasonic sound testing. For example, ultrasonic testing identifies and quantifies corrosion on boats constructed of aluminium and steel in the marine industry. 


What is the tonnage certificate used for?

A tonnage certificate will reflect the measurement of the volume of the ship's spaces and show both the net and the gross tonnage.


How is ship tonnage measured?

Gross Tonnage is a measure of the ship/vessels total interior volume. It is calculated by multiplying the internal volume "V" of the vessel/ships in cubic meters by a variable known as "K" (which varies depending on the ships overall volume).

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