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Hull Condition Reports Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London

Do you require a hull condition report in Surrey and the surrounding areas? We offer hull condition reports for yachts, narrow boats and other water craft throughout Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Greater London, Berkshire and Hampshire.

What is a Hull Condition Report?

A Hull Condition Survey is what you need to establish the structural quality of a boat's hull. Our qualified surveyors achieve this using several methods, from hammer testing to ultrasonic equipment, pit depth and corrosion assessments. 

Having these surveys carried out helps determine the hull's initial build quality alongside its current condition and current market value. We will also assess the weed hatch, freeboard, bow thruster and stern gear during a hull inspection. 

These inspections usually take a few hours (typically half a day), depending on the size of the marine vessel.  

A Hull Condition Report is the bare minimum you need to make a sensible purchase of a boat or sailing yacht if you are thinking of buying, and you may want to consider other surveys, such as an Engineer's Report. 

The relative survey costs compared to full over plating don't even compare. Taking a cheaper, proactive approach to maintenance and repair is the best way to save money.

Who Needs a Hull Survey?

Alongside potential buyers, insurance companies or lending institutions are the other likely people to need a hull survey. 

An insurance company will need Hull Surveys, Insurance Surveys or Pre-purchase Surveys to determine if the vessel is worth covering in terms of value. 

Of course, different insurers have different assessment standards to offer coverage to clients. A cursory Hull Survey Report may do the trick if the boat is relatively new, but a full Pre-purchase Survey Report may be required for older boats. 

An ultrasound survey may be required for steel hull boats to determine the hull's thickness. 

Hull Survey Methods

There are several ways in which Cetec Marine Ltd and our team of professional marine surveyors, all with extensive experience in their trade, will assess the hull of your chosen boat. 

These Hull Survey Methods seek out any noticeable damage to the hull, so you can undertake proactive maintenance to avoid unnecessary breakdowns or expensive repairs. 

All the surveyors in our service are covered by professional indemnity insurance and are registered with professional marine surveyors associations for your peace of mind.

Our Hull Survey Methods include:

Visual inspections

Brief external inspection

Non-destructive testing (NDT) and calibrating

Thickness measurements

Vibration testing

Tightness inspection

Function tests

Centre of gravity tests

Sea trials (where necessary)

Inspection for Wooden Hulls

Given that many vessels, especially older vessels, have wooden hulls, our surveyors have specifically designed Hull Survey Methods to assess their condition. The inspection of wooden hull boats includes:

Pricking test (making small holes in areas of the hull to take samples for testing) 

Internal scantling inspection 

Hammer testing 

How Often Should I Have a Hull Survey?

Most manufacturers, professional boat surveyors, insurance companies etc., in the marine industry recommend that you have your boat's hull inspected and surveyed once per year. 

This way, any early signs of corrosion or damage can be discovered early and dealt with before they have a chance to grow into significant and dangerous issues.  

However, despite these recommendations, most boat owners aim to have a full Hull Condition Survey Report conducted once every two years. 

This is generally about the time when boats need to have their hulls blacked or repainted and is usually conducted out of season when boats are sitting at their moorings and can be hauled onto a dry slipway.  

As your boat ages, it becomes more and more important to stay on top of the hull's condition. Older boats, typically over 15 years old, require regular Hull Surveys as part of responsible boat ownership, maintenance and a boat safety scheme. 

Boat owners are eagerly encouraged to stick to either yearly or bi-annual surveys, as it can be surprising how quickly the condition of your vessel's hull can change within this space of time.

Some boat owners don't think it necessary to have their hull surveyed this often. While everything may look fine above the waterline, this tells you nothing of what's happening on the underside or interior of your hull. 

However, the cost of having your boat hull surveyed with a written report is far cheaper than having to deal with giant patches of corrosion or damage. 

While you can put off your first Hull Condition Survey if you have just bought a brand new boat, buying second-hand boats always require Pre-purchase Surveys. 

You should never purchase a boat unless you know exactly what condition it's in. This will save you a lot of hassle and heartache in the future if you discover any damage or wear early on and have it fixed.

If you require a hull condition report in Surrey or the surrounding areas get in contact today. Call 01784 464 899 for hull condition reports in Surrey, Greater London, Berkshire, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.

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