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Boat Insurance Surveys
Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London

Are you looking for boat insurance surveys for Surrey and the surrounding areas? When taking on new clients, insurance companies will often want to assess the risk involved in insuring a boat, whatever its type. To determine the value and condition of a ship, a marine survey is required.

An insurance survey is less comprehensive than a pre-purchase survey. This type of survey is focused on the structure and major parts of the boat. The survey considers the keel, hull, deck, superstructure, and domestic/mechanical systems and engine integrity.

The insurance survey will contain the following information:

  A statement declaring the purpose of the survey

  Date and location of the survey 

  Status of the vessel: out of water or afloat 

  Model, build, and year of construction  

  Vessel type 

  Specifications including principle dimensions Identifiers such as registration number, hull number and engine serial numbers. 

  Machinery parameters such as horsepower, model number, transmissions, turbocharged, etc. 

Boat Insurance Surveys Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London

Yacht Surveys Surrey

As part of the insurance survey, a valuation is also included. The valuation is based on the type of craft, the condition and its popularity. Certain types of boats have a recognised value on the market. This is weighed against the age, condition and inventory. This means that sometimes older boats in a less perfect condition are valued higher than boats of a more popular make.

The valuation is based on the skill and research of the surveyor. Therefore a more obscure type of boat may have a lesser sale value than usual. Most insurance companies will require an insurance survey before they offer boat insurance. 

The importance that an insurance company puts on a survey will differ from company to company. Some may only ask for a hull survey. It is always wise to ask which type of survey your insurance company want.

Yacht Surveys

There are so many different yacht surveys that help determine other things, for example, the market value of your yacht so you know how much money it's worth for insurers and potential buyers. 

  Pre Purchase Survey 

  Insurance & Valuation Surveys 

  MCA Coding 

  British Reg Tonnage Surveys 

  Sailing Yachts 

  Powerboats & Ribs

Yacht Pre Purchase Survey Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London

The survey report is then given to the owner, by the surveyors, before the sale to ensure any repairs are carried out first. You may also need a replacement or another service, and it is essential to follow the surveyor's recommendations. 

They will also be able to talk you through the full report in detail to ensure you understand everything and confirm any reported damage. 

Narrow Boat Surveys

Narrow Boat Surveys Surrey

There are three different types of boat surveys; a qualified marine surveyor with years of experience who is a professional association member must complete these narrowboat surveys. A narrowboat survey is an inspection of the boats' overall condition, which is so important, especially for second-hand ships. That way, the potential buyer has all the necessary information to make the decision.

Narrowboat surveys cost around £550 and cover the following:  




  Firefighting and Safety Equipment   

  Insulation Gas System 

  External Coatings  

  Weedhatch Assembly 

  Engine and Gearbox Condition   

  Water Tank  

  Cabin Fabrication  

  Stern Gear Assemblies    

  Plumbing and Heating Systems  

  Cratch Covers  

  Decks and Deck Boards  

Basic Requirements a Condition Survey Should Contain

Condition surveys must be completed ashore and by a highly trained and qualified professional marine surveyor. The basic requirements of a condition survey should contain details of the following:

  • Engine, or Engines 
  • Sails Doors and Hatches 
  • Steering Gear 
  • Hand-Rails 

  • Stanchions  
  • Fastenings  
  • Shell Openings and Fittings  
  • Windows 

  • Port Lights  
  • Stern Gear Ventilation  
  • Gas, Freshwater, Toilet and Fuel Installations  
  • Fire Fighting Equipment 

  • Life-Saving Equipment  
  • Navigational Equipment  
  • Cathodic Protection  
  • Hull Superstructure 

  • Mast Spars Sails 
  • Standing/Running Rigging 
  • Bilge Installations  
  • General Pumping Installations 

  • Ground Tackle and Mooring Arrangements   
  • Davits  
  • Boarding Ladders  
  • Accesses

Boat valuations are essential, too, as they find the market value of the boat. The marine surveyor's professional indemnity generally includes vessel valuations and provides market information to third-party financial institutions such as the bank building society or similar third-party institutions. 

If you carry out a boat valuation after buying the boat and issues are found, you can request the seller to pay for the repairs. 

Do I need a Conditional Survey for Insurance Purposes?

In most cases, the insurance company will need the conditional survey to be completed so that you can be considered for insurance, especially for the older vessels. 

For example, if your boat is more than twenty years old, insurance companies will generally require more regular surveys. You can also check your third party policy, which will give you the information you need. 

Conditional Survey for Insurance Purposes - Surrey

If you would like to find out more information about boat insurance surveys in Surrey and the surrounding areas,  please contact our professional marine surveyor. 

You can get in touch by email, phoning 01784 464 899 or via our website contact form, and a team member will always be happy to help. If necessary, sample reports are also available to order so you can see what gets inspected. 

We work throughout Surrey and the surrounding areas including: Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London. We can also travel throughout the UK if required.

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