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Marine Surveys
Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London

All types of river, coastal and sea going craft will require marine examinations or surveys at some point in their lives. The marine surveying activity aims at ensuring that these vessels are fit for use in the river or sea. 

As the marine surveyor, the contractor that carries out this work, we adhere to IIMS guidelines. We are professional marine surveyors and boat inspectors who offer our services for boats of different classes up to 150ft in length.

Marine Surveys Surrey, Kent, Sussex

Pre-Purchase Survey

This marine survey type is comprehensive in nature. The client seeking the service can be a boat owner in need of a replacement boat or a first-time boat buyer.

The pre-purchase survey needs the boat to be out of the water so that the underwater areas can be checked for any problems, leaks etc. This will probably be either by cranage, slipping or in a dry dock. 

 We will then check the underwater areas of the vessel for defects or damage, we will also examine the weed hatch assemble, stern gear and steering gear. We will then examine all the internal systems of the boat. This work takes place before the boat goes to its new owner.

Insurance Survey

This survey often takes place every five years after the previous survey. The marine insurance company usually asks for this survey. Its purpose is to help the marine insurance company learn about the state of the boat. The company will also use the survey results to determine if the vessel still needs insurance coverage. This survey may also be needed if it is the first time you have insured your boat. It is best to ask your insurance company which type of survey they want.

Valuation Survey

A boat owner, finance company or insurance company may request this type of survey. The survey aims at assessing the boat's internal and external conditions and determining its value. A finance company may request it if a client needs some sort of financial help to buy a boat. A marine insurer may request it before providing the client with full and comprehensive coverage.

Damage Survey

The client's marine insurer may ask for this survey if the client's boat is involved in an accident or becomes damaged. The survey's objective is to examine the extent of damage on your boat. The results will enable the marine insurer to work out the time, expenses and expertise required for the repairs.

If you require marine surveys in Surrey or the surrounding areas get in contact today. Call 01784 464 899 for a marine survey in Surrey, Greater London, Berkshire, Sussex, Kent and Hampshire.

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