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Who Needs Pre-purchase Survey for Boats

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  • 30-07-2019
Who Needs Pre-purchase Survey for Boats

Are you looking to buy or sell a boat? The first course of action is to ensure a Full Condition Survey/Pre-purchase survey is carried out. It's primarily focused on all the critical aspects of the vessel. These may include; the cosmetic details, the boat's structural integrity and safety of its systems. A pre-purchase survey will outline both the good and bad aspects of the boat to inform you of any potential problems that may require attention

Boat Survey Recommendations

After the survey, a list of recommendations is provided, listing the components/parts that should be repaired or adjusted to avoid any impending mishap. During the examination, if the surveyor finds any severe defects, it is prudent that they are looked at before the boat is taken out.

These severe defects may include issues like major structural damages that require a primary component of the boat to be rebuilt. In most cases, the recommendations will fall in the middle category whereby, such defects are not essential and can always be handled later or during scheduled maintenance.

Maintenance is completed when the season ends as the crew prepares to relaunch for the next year. The recommendations will also focus on the less critical defects, especially if they fall under the cosmetic defects bracket. A competent surveyor will also identify signs of a long-term problem like osmosis, which requires monitoring for an extended period, although it may not need urgent repair.

Why choose a qualified Marine Surveyor?

How to Find the Best Surveyor

Here are a few pointers to help you find a reliable surveyor.

Qualifications and experience

Always seek an experienced, qualified surveyor, to handle the size of the boat as well as its style and design/model.


The surveyor should also be able to write an easy to understand report with clear recommendations.


A surveyor should be a recognised member of independent bodies such as the International Institute Of Marine Surveying or the Yacht Designers and Surveyors Association, UK.

Be sure to check the lists of members for such bodies in their respective portals. From these lists, you will also find samples of reports for vessels that the surveyor had written before. The reports and recommendations, in this case, should be precise with clear next courses of action.

If you are looking for marine surveys in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London and the surrounding areas contact our professional boat surveyor today.

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