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Types of Marine Surveys

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  • 19-11-2020
Types of Marine Surveys

With more than 40 years experience, our team has all the knowledge and expertise to assist you with a variety of service and inspections. Although we are based in Surrey, we can travel to your location. Cetec Marine Ltd offer various types of marine surveys available, and they include:

Pre-purchase Surveys 

Usually the most expensive marine survey, recommended when purchasing a second-hand boat.

We have years of experience when it comes to Marine survey. We can provide you with a thorough survey and detailed report which is good value for money. Of all the Marine surveys we perform, a pre-purchase survey is often the most requested one.

These surveys consist of an inspection of the structural integrity of the boat, including tightness of the hull, stern, gear, and rudder. 

What is the Pre-purchase Boat Survey?

It's a thorough survey, which also includes the size and the condition of the cathodic protection. It will require a detailed examination of the following:

  • Machinery 
  • Electrical systems 
  • Fuel systems 
  • Propulsion system 
  • Gas systems 
  • Fixtures

This survey is carried out by an experienced professional. This is to ensure that it is accurate. They will detail any possible issues or faults that the vessel may have. In some cases, a sea trial can also be requested as part of the pre-purchase survey. This is done to ensure everything works as it should, which is why the sea trial is the best way of doing an assessment.

For more information about our pre-purchase surveys, phone us on 01784 464 899.

Valuation Surveys

Performed to assess whether or not the boat will be an acceptable risk for an insurance policy.

As part of the valuation survey, many aspects of your boat will be inspected. This is usually done for an insurance company or financial institution to help determine whether or not the vessel is suitable to be insured.

If there are any risks involved, they should be made aware of it as it will influence the nature of the policy. The objective of a surveyor is to reassure an insurance company that a boat is in a condition to be insured. In order to successfully complete this survey, a few activities have to be completed. This includes a survey of the hull and a review of the general safety of the boat. 

At Cetec Marine Ltd we specialise in valuation surveys in Surrey and Southern England. Our marine surveyor is fully qualified and a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying. 

A valuation survey is just one of the many surveys that we can perform. We know how important it is to have an accurate survey, and our team is made up of experts with years of experience in the industry. Once the survey is complete, a report will be generated for you to give to the insurance company or financial institution that needs to decide whether or not the boat can be insured.

Tonnage Measurements

Measuring the Gross tonnage (GT), engine power and length of the vessel.

When it comes to tonnage measurements, we can provide an accurate measurement report. These measurements are very important in order to assess the fleet capacity of the vessel. 

Our reports are always accurate and aimed at insurance providers and financial institutions that need to determine the value of a vessel. You should have accurate measurements of the vessel's numbers and all its main characteristics.

These measurements should be done by experts with a significant background in marine surveys. Feel free to contact our team for any unique requirements you may have. We can also give you helpful tips and advice on how we can accurately handle your tonnage measurements.

For more information about tonnage measurements, phone us on 01784 464 899.

Why Choose Cetec Marine Ltd?

We are a member of the International Institute of Marine Surveying (IIMS). This means that your boat will always be in safe hands with us. We provide a detailed report for all our projects and we also provide you with detailed pictures for every project we undertake. We have more than 40 years experience in the marine industry and we can also assist with the over seeing the refitting boats. 

All our marine surveys and inspections are done by experts and you are guaranteed excellent service and value for money. Some of the services that we can perform include: 

  • Structural inspections 
  • Ultrasonic testing 
  • Valuations 
  • Damage and repair assessments 
  • Pre-purchase insurance surveys

  • Cargo Damage Survey 
  • Finance Survey  
  • Hull and Bulkhead Survey 
  • Hull and Machinery Survey
  • Tonnage Measurements

We work with a variety of boats, including steel boats, timber craft and GRP boats. This means we can provide a complete service. You can benefit from a team that has decades worth of experience with marine surveys and inspections.

Although we are based in Surrey, we can work with customers throughout England and Europe. We do not charge a travel fee within a 50 mile radius of Egham. Our team is always willing to go the extra mile and you're welcome to contact us for any specific assistance you may need.

For more information about our marine surveys, phone us on 01784 464 899.

If you are looking for marine surveys in Surrey and the surrounding areas contact our professional boat surveyor today.

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