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What Is Checked In A Boat Full Structural Survey

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What Is Checked In A Boat Full Structural Survey

What is checked in a boat full structural survey? Discover what professionals look for, from hull integrity to onboard systems, ensuring seaworthiness and safety. 

Cetec Marine Ltd offer boat structural surveys throughout Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire and Greater London. Whether you're a boat owner, buyer, or enthusiast, understanding these checks is vital for maintaining the longevity and performance of marine vessels.

What Does A Full Boat Survey Assess?

During a professional boat survey, a meticulous inspection is carried out, which may take up to a day or even longer, depending on the size and complexity of the craft. The surveyor carefully scrutinizes every aspect of the boat, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Several types of surveys cater to specific needs, including pre-purchase, condition and valuation surveys, insurance renewal and valuation surveys, damage assessment surveys, and pre-sale surveys.

While professional surveys are essential when required, proactive boat owners often conduct their own inspections or DIY surveys to identify potential defects early on. This proactive approach allows them to take preventative measures and maintain their vessel's structural integrity and performance.

An example of a typical pre-purchase survey of a GRP yacht provides a comprehensive understanding of the survey's scope and critical assessments:

The surveyor meticulously examines the hull, the vessel's primary structural component, for any voids, de-lamination, or visible damage. This critical evaluation provides crucial insights into the hull's structural integrity and ensures that it is well-maintained, gelshielded, antifouled, and properly cared for.

Moisture readings are taken above and below the waterline to assess the yacht's moisture content. The surveyor compares these readings to acceptable levels for the vessel's age and type, which helps identify potential moisture-related issues that may affect the hull's strength and condition.

All structural bulkheads and internal hull members undergo meticulous scrutiny. The surveyor checks for any signs of weakness or damage that might require attention, as maintaining the vessel's structural soundness is crucial for safety and seaworthiness.

The keel and rudder, integral to the boat's stability and maneuverability, are closely inspected to identify any defects or grounding damage.

The surveyor conducts a comprehensive examination of the stern gear, including the propeller, stern tube, stern gland, and prop anode. Ensuring the proper functioning and condition of these components is vital for the vessel's propulsion and overall performance.

The condition of deck hardware, such as winches, cleats, stanchions, spars, and rigging, is thoroughly examined and recorded. This evaluation provides valuable information for maintenance and repair considerations, safeguarding operational efficiency.

All skin fittings, including speed and depth transducers, as well as the condition of seacocks, are checked for any signs of damage or malfunction. Properly functioning skin fittings and seacocks are crucial for the vessel's safety and reliability.

The engine beds and the general condition of the engine are closely inspected. Ensuring the engine's health and proper installation is essential for its reliable performance during operation.

The outer surface of the deck and superstructure is tapped with a small hammer to detect any voids or de-lamination, indicating potential structural issues that require attention.

Windows and hatches are inspected for any signs of leakage, which can lead to water ingress and subsequent damage. Ensuring watertight windows and hatches contributes to the vessel's safety and structural integrity.

The stanchions, pushpit, pulpit, and guardrails are examined for the quality of fixings and their overall serviceability. Properly maintained guardrails and deck gear contribute to the safety and security of passengers and crew.

The integrity of the hull-to-deck joint is examined to ensure a secure and watertight connection, as any weaknesses in this area can compromise the vessel's structural strength.

The surveyor checks the mast base for stability and proper condition, as it is crucial for maintaining the mast's integrity and functionality, ensuring safe sailing.

What Is Checked In A Boat Full Structural Survey?

Types of Marine Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey

A pre-purchase survey is one of the most crucial marine surveys, especially for those considering buying a boat or vessel. Conducted by experienced marine surveyors, this survey comprehensively assesses the boat's condition, ensuring that buyers have a clear understanding of its overall health and any potential issues.

The surveyor inspects various aspects, including the hull, mechanical gear, systems, and overall structural integrity. A detailed report is provided, offering valuable insights and recommendations to aid buyers in making informed decisions about the purchase.

Condition Survey

A condition survey focuses on evaluating the current state of a boat or vessel, providing an in-depth analysis of its overall condition and identifying any existing defects or damages. Boat owners often request a condition survey to ensure their vessel is well-maintained and seaworthy.

This survey covers critical areas, including the hull, deck, internal systems, and various onboard components. By conducting a condition survey, boat owners can identify maintenance needs, address potential problems, and ensure their boat remains in excellent working order.

Damage Survey

In unfortunate events, such as accidents or collisions, a damage survey is carried out to assess the extent of the harm inflicted on a boat or vessel. Marine surveyors thoroughly inspect the affected areas, documenting the damage and determining the necessary repairs or replacements. This survey is vital for insurance purposes, as the report helps in filing accurate and comprehensive insurance claims.

What's included in a boat survey?

A boat survey is a comprehensive inspection conducted by skilled marine surveyors to assess a vessel's overall condition and seaworthiness. It involves the meticulous examination of the hull, mechanical systems, interior, exterior, safety equipment, and structural elements. A sea trial may also be conducted to evaluate the boat's performance on the water.

The surveyor reviews the boat's documentation and provides a detailed report with recommendations for any necessary repairs or maintenance. Whether you are buying a boat or ensuring the proper upkeep of your current vessel, a professional boat survey offers peace of mind and ensures the safety and reliability of your boat for enjoyable boating experiences.

What's included in a boat survey?

Who carries out a boat survey?

Marine surveyors are skilled professionals responsible for conducting boat surveys to evaluate a vessel's condition. With extensive expertise and training, they inspect boats and vessels to ensure their seaworthiness and overall health.

Whether it's a pre-purchase survey, condition survey, or insurance survey, marine surveyors play a crucial role in providing unbiased and detailed reports to boat owners and potential buyers.

Their assessments are vital for making informed decisions when buying or maintaining a boat, ensuring its safety and reliability for enjoyable boating experiences. By adhering to industry standards and guidelines, these qualified experts deliver reliable and trustworthy survey reports. Boat owners and buyers can rely on their expertise to understand the true state of a boat and make informed decisions about its purchase or ongoing care.

When is a survey required?

Boat surveys are crucial assessments conducted to ensure vessel safety and condition. They are required in various situations:

Pre-Purchase: Before buying a boat, a pre-purchase survey is essential. Marine surveyors inspect the vessel thoroughly, helping potential buyers make informed decisions.

Insurance Requirements: Many insurers mandate a boat survey for coverage assessment. The report assists in determining suitable coverage and premiums.

Insurance Renewal: Regular surveys may be needed for policy renewal, ensuring the boat remains in good condition.

Condition Assessment: Regular surveys help owners maintain vessel integrity by identifying damage or maintenance needs.

Damage Assessment: After accidents, a damage survey evaluates the extent of harm and supports insurance claims.

Regulatory Compliance: Some regulations demand periodic surveys to meet safety standards.

Conducting boat surveys by qualified marine surveyors is vital for safety, regulatory compliance, and protecting boat owners and buyers.

How much does it cost?

When arranging a full survey or hull survey for a narrow boat, the vessel will need to be taken out of the water and placed on a dry slip.

The typical cost for using a marina's slipway is approximately £190 including VAT. However, the overall expense of surveys can vary based on the survey type and the individual surveyor's pricing. As a rough estimate, you can expect to pay anywhere between £300 and £600 for a boat survey.

While the upfront cost of a boat survey might seem like an investment, it is a prudent one. A comprehensive survey can reveal potential issues, damage, or maintenance requirements that might not be immediately apparent, helping you avoid unexpected expenses in the future. Moreover, a thorough survey ensures the vessel's safety and reliability, providing peace of mind during your boating experiences.

When selecting a surveyor, it is essential to consider their expertise and reputation rather than solely focusing on the cost. Opting for a qualified and experienced surveyor ensures valuable insights and accurate assessments, making the investment worthwhile.

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