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What Should I Look For In A Yacht Survey

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  • 25-07-2022
What Should I Look For In A Yacht Survey

What should I look for in a yacht survey? This article looks at what's included in a used yacht survey and also shows the limitations of yacht surveys.

When it comes to yacht surveys, you should always look for the right surveyor. There is no point in hiring the help of a marine surveyor that specialises in modern boating if you have a traditional model.

Despite how expensive a good surveyor may seem, they could end up saving you much more money. Preventative maintenance is cheaper and more convenient than repairing completely broken parts because if a particular part fails you just when you needed it, then you'll be sorry you didn't get your boat surveyed.

Who Can Provide Boat Valuation Surveys?

Preparing For Your Yacht Survey

Preparing for a yacht survey can be quite overwhelming with the amount of information to keep in mind, but don't worry, we are going to try and help by listing the following tips on how best to prepare.

First things first: ensure that you have arranged for the survey to happen at a time that is convenient to you AND the yacht surveyor. It would be best if you gave them enough time to inspect your yacht without any pressure from the yard it's in, to relaunch.

You should also check your calendar and schedule so that you can prepare correctly. Make sure that you have met all of the requirements your surveyor has requested to maintain a smooth process. For example, they may ask you to wash and clean your sailing craft before they check it.

By fulfilling these requests, you don't then have to worry about managing a tight schedule, worrying if you've paid the appropriate persons, or that you've not done enough by the time the surveyor comes around.To relieve any tension or stress about the survey, confirm with your surveyor before the day.

Ask them any questions you have before the survey. Get them to exchange phone numbers with you and reply to you in writing so you have all the information you need, the contact in case one party is late to the survey and have less worry about what will happen on the day.

If you're purchasing the boat that is to be inspected, it is always worth getting the vendor to mark or remove items that are not included in your purchase. This helps you know what you're getting out of the transaction and lets the surveyor know what to focus on when looking at the vital areas of your boat.

Before the survey, do you know who has all the keys to your boat? The surveyor will need to access the engine, hatches, hull, rudder, and accommodation rooms, so check that you or another owner has all the correct keys.

What's Included In A Used Yacht Survey?

What Should I Look For In A Yacht Survey?

While there are many different areas included within yacht surveys, most marine surveyors follow a fundamental programme of specific checks.

A good survey that is worth your while includes a full inspection of the rudder, keel, hull, Gelcoat, deck, and mast step. 

This also includes a complete check of the rigging, deck level, and aloft areas. Electrical and mechanical parts will require inspection, such as the circuitry, conduits, machinery, and sea trials.

The survey must include moisture checks to see if there is any evidence of rot or osmosis in the structure of your boat. As stated previously, you should also ensure that your boat is clean and tidy before the survey takes place.

Any damage, leaks, bubbles, or chips could result in your surveyor focusing on those matters instead of internal damages or issues. Get any maintenance that you need for a survey done beforehand.

If the survey person you have chosen is anywhere decent, they will check your anodes, propeller, all Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) gear, anchor, chains, and warps. You could even check with them beforehand on what the scope of the survey entails.

If the survey brings up any issues, be thankful for it! Remember to thank your surveyor for any problems they found because they will end up saving you more money in the long run. 

If you have asked for a survey on a yacht because you want to purchase the vessel, you could ask the owner to reduce the price of the said vessel in regard to the survey report.

If you got the survey done because your insurance company requested an inspection based on your last survey occurring some time ago, you should remain thankful for the amount of money you save on future repair work.

Limitations Of Yacht Surveys

There will be some aspects a surveyor will be unable to inspect, such as non-visible parts. Exceptions to this rule are sole boards; if they are not screwed into place, then a surveyor may lift them. It is the owner, or owner's representative, who could give the surveyor access to otherwise inaccessible areas if you deem it necessary.

In general, your surveyor should outline to you the extent or limitation to which they will inspect your boat and its parts. 

Any inspections of the aloft, engine, and machinery will be brief due to their position and accessibility. However, ultrasound methods can test the thickness of steel hulls, examine the structure of composite materials, and detect voids within mouldings and resin. 

These inspections were done in a more basic and less efficient manner in the past, by drilling holes into your boat. 

If you have a motorised yacht, you will find engine replacements extremely valuable compared to replacing the entire yacht. That's why some surveyors may enlist the help of an expert in the field, whether it's an engineer or mechanic.

An engineer can provide oil sample analysis, which gives a great indication of the engine's condition, efficiency, and history. Another example of a hired expert includes a rigger, who can provide a report on the decking and rigging of your sailing craft. 

Both experts can then help your surveyor to conclude whether your yacht is performing correctly with the proper equipment and doing it safely.

Common Yacht Surveys

Once a buyer has decided which vessel they would like to purchase, this survey is the one recommended to take to check a second-hand boat is in good enough condition to ensure your safety while afloat. 

Even if you have just had the boat handed to you after purchasing it, it is worth getting a Full Condition Survey performed before using it.

Additionally, if you need to return a vessel to the Yacht Charter Company, then a Full Condition Survey is paramount.Ensure that your surveyor adheres to the codes of practice that are internationally recognised and necessary to perform a survey correctly and thoroughly.

An Appraisal Survey, also known as a Walk-Through Survey, is recommended to have performed if you are unsure about which vessel you would like to purchase. 

Alternatively, if there are multiple yachts that you have your eye on but need some help narrowing down the best ones, an appraisal survey could be that help.

What happens during this kind of survey involves a basic evaluation of one or multiple vessels to help the buyer decide which yacht is suitable for them.

When a boat reaches a certain age or changes ownership, insurance companies could require an Insurance Survey to be carried out. The Insurance Company may request a specific area, or areas, to be checked.

It is, therefore, important to pass this information on to your surveyor to save money on surveying areas that don't need attention.

Ultrasound Surveys are carried out to measure the thickness of a boat's hull plating, which is commonly made from steel and aluminium. Hundreds of readings are taken to inspect the hull to see where the plating has become thin.

These surveys are not confined to steel yacht hulls, bulkheads, and decks. Aluminium and GRP hulls and structures can also be measured and are sometimes included in Full Condition Surveys.

This type of survey is recommended before going on long periods of sailing, cruising, or with rigging wires that are over a decade old. Insurance companies may require you to replace your vessel's rigging wired every ten years, while others will continue insuring you if you get a Rig Survey done.

There are two ways of surveying your boat's rig. If your mast is un-stepped/lowered, then the most effective method of surveying is done by inspecting the supported spars. Ideally, this should be maintained and inspected periodically throughout its sailing. If it is stepped/standing, then interim inspections can be carried out instead.

After a refit or newly commissioned boat, a Machinery and Systems Survey is recommended to test the new systems. This survey will always include a sea trial in which engines will run and operate from all control stations.

The boat's engine will be given a performance test according to its manufacturer's specifications.

The Valuation Survey is to decide the fair market value of your yacht at the time that the survey takes place. Many finance companies view this type of survey as a requirement if money has been borrowed to buy your yacht.

Similarly, insurance companies tend to do these Valuation Surveys before issuing coverage.

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