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Who requires a Boat Insurance Survey

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  • 17-11-2020
Who requires a Boat Insurance Survey

It is a good idea to arrange a boat insurance survey to have a used boat inspected prior to buying it. There will be situations when an insurer will ask to view a survey report prior to consenting to give cover on some vessels. These include vessels over a specific age, home constructed and renovated boats.

The objective of a boat insurance survey is to reassure non-experts that a yacht/boat is in good condition. This is required for the vessel to be considered for insurance coverage. The older the vessel, the more a survey is called for. For vessels over twenty years old, insurance providers will likely request routine surveys, although this varies according to individual insurance providers.

To qualify for insurance, an insurance marine survey will need to include the following: 

  • A survey of the hull's condition
  • Open market valuation
  • An evaluation of the general security of the vessel's systems 

On some boats, usually smaller crafts, an insurance provider may only request a condition report. In these instances, the craft ought to be examined by a well-informed, independent surveyor. 

The surveyor should be asked to confirm in writing that the craft remains in a seaworthy condition. It needs to be fit for purpose and shown to be well-maintained.

Types of Marine Surveys

nsurance surveys will provide the same thorough inspection as our condition surveys for pre-purchase. The report will consist of less details; mainly outlining information which is of interest to the insurance provider. If you have commissioned a pre-purchase survey, you do not need an additional insurance coverage survey. This is because the pre-purchase survey includes adequate information for getting an insurance policy or funding. 

If you are looking to be covered under a comprehensive insurance policy, your insurance provider will typically ask you for an out of water insurance survey if the boat is of a certain age. Usually, this will happen when your boat is roughly two decades old and then about every five years thereafter.

If you are looking for marine surveys in Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Greater London and the surrounding areas contact our professional boat surveyor today.

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